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I wanted to be a satirical writer; but 2018 is a constant satire. I guess I’ll update my LinkedIn to “historical analyst.”

Demitri Makeig is a storyteller, writer, filmmaker, and artist. Growing up in Fairfield, Iowa—a town of 10,000 nestled between two soybean farms—he spent his days in an art studio or recreating iconic Hollywood film scenes with his stuffed animals. Coming from a music-oriented family that watched the Sunday opera on PBS rather than football, Demitri had the unconditional support of his parents to develop his creative growth. As an odd kid in Iowa during the Bush era, Demitri was often bullied and misunderstood by his piers and teachers. He channeled his pain and traumas through illustrations, performance, and writing; and to this day is how he copes with day-to-day life struggles. He attended Interlochen Arts Academy where he received a unique education that prioritized BFA-level art classes with intensive academics. Demitri’s transformation during his time at Interlochen is remarkable and, as his teachers have recalled to him, inspiring. He majored in Motion Picture Arts and his senior thesis film Multiplayer played in numerous film festivals around the country. Since high school Demitri has studied filmmaking in Los Angeles and Chicago, and will be finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa in theatre arts.